Digital Marketing – Are You Listening to Your Clients?

Digital marketing should always have a foundation built on communication.

If a client feels that communication is lacking, then consider the digital marketing strategy doomed. Now, don’t get me wrong, analytics, content marketing, SEO, etc., are all pertinent parts of a successful digital marketing campaign. Client satisfaction needs to be established right from the start.

How does one establish trust with a client?

Unfortunately, there is not a linear way to answer this question. However, there are plenty of general steps that should be taken to ensure your client’s satisfaction:

  • Communication – This cannot be stressed enough. We live in an age where technology allows us to go beyond our own naturally occurring methods of communication. A quick and simple reply to a client’s email can make the client feel reassured. Always keep communication at the forefront of the project.
  • Expectations – Set clear and concise expectations. As soon as possible, the client should be made aware of all costs, contracts, and services that will need to be implemented.
  • Be polite – Politeness can quickly get lost in a conversation with a client. This can especially occur when it’s crunch time and the digital marketing campaign is nearing completion. Frustrations are likely to arise if the client decides to make changes at the very last minute. Remember: the client needs a marketer just as much as a marketer needs the client.
  • Patience truly is a virtue – Maybe the client isn’t the friendliest, or maybe they are very persistent in trying to implement a change to completed work against the advice of the marketer. When situations like this occur, patiently explain why the change is not recommended, maybe you’ll sway them. Otherwise, make the change and be sure to note in the project records that this change was implemented.

Of course, these are not the only ways to establish client satisfaction. Use creativity, be professional, practice email etiquette, and work on that phone smile.

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